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Our names are Jorinde and Joringel we are a young pair of lovers who accidentally came near the castle inhabited by an old sorceress......When they first became quite sad, Jorinde became a songbird, and while Joringel could not move, the witch caught her and took her away. Joringel begged her to release her, but she would not be moved. Joringel spent a long time in a foreign country as a shepherd and often walked around the castle. One day he dreamt of a blood-red flower with a pearl in the middle. He wanders for nine days and finds the flower in the morning with a dewdrop in the middle. The witch is powerless against this. When she tried to carry away a bird, he recognised Jorinde and freed the others after her. And they loved each other for all eternity.


Acrylic painting on 23 Karat Gold Leaves on woodplate made in icon technique, mounted on wooden frame 120cm x 120cm x 10cm

Jorinde und Joringel

Artikelnummer: 01.01
38.000,00 CHFPreis
exkl. MwSt.
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